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International School of Advanced Learning -- Allston

20 Linden Street - 2nd Floor
Allston, MA . 02134

Our mission is to provide quality English language instruction as well as the fundamental language skills and cultural knowledge that will help our students achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals."



Advantage Testing of Boston -- Newton Centre

10 Langley Rd #403
Newton Centre, MA . 02459

Advantage Testing of Boston has delivered outstanding educational services to the New England scholastic community for more than 25 years. Launched by Mark Sander in 1991 as the first Advantage Testing location outside the New York area, Advantage Testing of Boston carries a proud tradition befitting a region renowned for its commitment to excellence in higher education.



Boston Tutoring Center -- West Roxbury

1208 VFW Pkwy #202
West Roxbury, MA. 02132

The Boston Tutoring Center was founded to address a few basic needs: All children can benefit from quality one-on-one instruction - classes today are large in most schools (25 to 30 plus students), many schools "teach to the middle", and students that are ahead or behind the curve are left out. Finding and retaining a high quality tutor is hard work for parents - most tutors work part time, irregular schedules, and may only tutor for a few months at a time to make extra money. When your tutor moves away, goes back to school, or finds a full time job, you have to start the process all over again. In most cases when parents do find a tutor, little is known about their background and qualifications. Today more than ever, it is crucial to know who you are trusting with your children. Often parents pay for tutoring and do not see an improvement, and do not know why.



ASC A+ Program -- Boston

1106 Commonwealth Avenue #100
Boston, MA . 02215

The A+ Program provides educational enrichment to children from 2nd to 12th grade. Our intensive and accelerated program challenges students to go above and beyond what they learn in school. Focusing on Math, English, ISEE, SAT, and independent study skills, we strengthen and extend the academic foundation necessary for students to thrive in all areas of school and life. From getting a step ahead on scholastics in our Summer Program, or mastering core concepts during the schoolyear Saturday Program, students are inspired to new heights of academic and personal success.



MyGuru -- Boston

35 Revere St
Boston, MA . 02114

MyGuru - Boston is led by Managing Tutor, John Thomas. Founded in Chicago on Northwestern University's campus in 2009, we began offering tutoring in the Boston area in 2011. Whether you're the parent of a high school student at Dorchester Academy or a senior at Boston University or Northeastern University, we're here to help. We have many established and experienced tutors throughout the area who are well-versed in almost any subject. If you are a student or a parent of a student applying for graduate schools in Boston such as Harvard, MIT, or Boston College, we have tutors that have gone through the process themselves and can offer first-hand advice.



Thirdspace Academic Mentors -- Boston

30 Newbury Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA . 02116

Third Space was founded by Adam Trainor and Tom Opp, who came together around a vision of mentoring young people through academics. Adam and Tom bring to bear a combined 15 years experience in private education to lead a talented staff of academic mentors with strong backgrounds as both teachers and tutors. Our name, Third Space, speaks directly to our mission: in conjunction with parents and school teachers, as academic mentors we offer another critical level of support in our students’ lives. In other words, we provide a “third space” for students to work, grow, and thrive.



Tutors for All -- Boston

89 South St
Boston, MA . 02111

Tutors for All bridges the achievement gap one student at a time. Through bringing together colleges, public schools, and community resources, we offer undeserved students the systematic individualized instruction they need in order to thrive.



College-Wise -- Cambridge

Cambridge, MA . 02139

SUSAN TAUB, Ed.M., has over 38 years of experience in the field of education. In 2003, Susan completed an intensive college counselor training program and has counseled prospective students throughout the country and internationally ever since as an independent college consultant. Susan also has been conducting college admissions interviews with high school students for 13 years as an alumna of Tufts. Susan received a BA in Child Study from Tufts University and an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her experience with the college admissions process includes the roles of educator, interviewer, counselor, and parent. Susan advises students to attain their goals to become their best possible selves, and then finding the best fit colleges and guiding them through the admissions process to achieve a positive outcome. Susan helps all kinds of applicants, but has particular expertise in selective college admissions and specialized performing arts degree programs. In her work with high school students on the college admission process, Susan takes initiative to research educational opportunities, evaluate the fit of candidates for particular programs and schools, creates a balanced and appropriate college list, develops application plans and timelines, guides the resume and essay writing process, advises on the selection of recommendation writers, and meticulously executes schedules that stay focused on achieving successful outcomes. Susan has advised students with a broad range of college interests and abilities, starting as early as ninth grade. She also has significant experience in working with applicants to elite colleges. Susan has counseled students for admissions to summer programs, and has guided course selection, test planning, extracurricular activities, interview prep, and gap year plans. She is well versed on the diversity of programs at an extensive range of universities and institutions, including highly selective colleges. Susan enjoys working with students as they wade through the college selection and application process, which can be overwhelming. She delights in finding resources and then helping a student step by step as they plan and explore options to best meet their interests. She gets to know each student extremely well and helps them to become the best version of themselves and to be able to show that in the admissions process to colleges. There is nothing more satisfactory than when an advisee lands at a school that is the right match for them where they can thrive and be happy! Prior to her 14 year career as an independent college counselor, Susan taught elementary school; supervised student teachers; was an adjunct faculty member for both undergraduate and graduate courses in education at five colleges; and was an education consultant conducting in-service training in schools throughout Vermont. Besides having assisted many students with their college admissions process, Susan has been through the process with her two daughters. Susan's older daughter is a graduate of Brown University, attended MIT's March program in the School of Architecture, and has an MS in Architecture in Building Science and Sustainability from the University of California at Berkeley. Her younger daughter has a BFA in musical theater and acting from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts."


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